All the tools you need to succeed

We’re always searching for highly skilled and experienced IT consultants. Whether you’re a first-time freelancer looking to take on freelance life, or you’re already a freelancer wanting to remove the hurdles from freelance life, we can help.

Stay up to date on industry trend with our toolbox for IT consultants. Download reports with the latest industry insights and learn best practices for different technologies like Python, Azure and Java. You’ll also get access to CV templates and tax guides, along with everyday tools to help you optimize your time and performance as an freelancer.


7N supports me in my growth with education, a community of professionals and close cooperation – providing me with the opportunity to succeed.

Bjørn Nørgaard Senior Test Manager

Having a 7N agent close is extremely valuable, and it's the foundation of being a successful consultant. They know us, they know the task, and they know the client.

Louise Hove Albertsen Senior Project Manager

Life is short; you should get the most out of it. With 7N, I can design my life the way I want. I'm in charge of my own time, and it's perfect.

Jan Astrup Senior Project Manager