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Agent for the best digital experts

We match the best digital experts with the top companies around the world. As an IT consultant, much of your time is spent searching for new opportunities, building networks, dealing with administrative work, and negotiating contracts. But as a digital expert at 7N, you receive a personal agent who supports you all the way from the start of a project to the final deliverable.

We believe every IT consultant is unique in their technical skills and their ambition. That’s why we connect you with projects that match your experience, give you access to educational courses, and make you part of a social and professional community of extraordinary digital experts.

It’s time to take the freelance journey into your own hands. It’s time to make it work your way.

Know your full freelance potential

At 7N, we prioritize the well-being of our IT consultants. That’s why we assess each of our consultants to ensure the perfect fit for them and our clients.

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Access best-practice tools and training

We support you all the way. Get the best everyday tools, templates and insights, plus access to a community of extraordinary people.

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Connect with the most exciting projects

We work with organizations from around the world. As an IT consultant at 7N, you will take the lead on driving some of the most complex tasks to solve tomorrow’s digital challenges.

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Get access to our consultant toolbox

Get access to our consultant toolbox

Access CV templates, interview guides and everyday best practice tools to advance your freelance career.

  • Download easy-to-use and customizable templates
  • Read the latest industry news, trends and insights
  • Access best practice tips and tools
Book a meeting with a 7N agent

Book a meeting with a 7N agent

Learn about the opportunities available to you as a digital expert at 7N.

  • Explore your freelance potential
  • Learn about current jobs that match your skills
  • Hear how we help you as an IT consultant

How we support our IT consultants

Your own personal agent

We're with you all the way. At 7N, we assign you a personal agent dedicated to understanding your technical skills and career goals and securing the projects that matter to you along every step of your freelance journey.

A network of opportunities

By joining 7N, you become part of a thriving community of highly skilled and experienced digital experts. And you'll get the chance to socialize and make new connections with some of the very best from your field.

Excel your skills with 7N

We're here to help you fulfill your potential and ambitions as a digital expert. Through our 7N Academy, we offer challenging courses, seminars, and workshops hosted by other 7N consultants, helping you learn from the very best

Take on exciting projects

We match you with projects that require a high level of expertise and experience – ensuring they are equally challenging and rewarding. As a 7N consultant, you’ll have the chance to take the lead on driving complex system development for global companies.


"Life is short; you should get the most out of it. With 7N, I can design my life the way I want. I'm in charge of my own time, and it's perfect."

Jan Astrup Senior Project Manager
Explore how we make freelance life work for you

Explore how we make freelance life work for you

Get our booklet and read how we can help you excel as a high-end digital expert


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